Stick is a male contestant on Object Havoc.


Stick, despite his name, appears to be a tree branch from an elm tree with a twig attached to him. His body/bark is brown, and his leaf is aquamarine.


Stick is normally very down-to-earth and a decent team leader, coming up with most of the ideas for the team. However, he can be blunt at times, especially towards Bullet, who the two have a rivalry on each other. He and Plank are apparently a "duo" and best friends in the series, which is why he was chosen onto his team.


Platform Pandemonium

Stick was first seen asking Bullet why Lighter was a jerk, but Bullet ended up starting an argument with him. Mirror comes over, asking why the two were bickering, and they both claim each other to be "annoying". In the challenge he fell off the platform, but ended up on Jet Engine with Binder so the two were elected team captains.

Binders Keepers

When picking the teams, Stick chose Plank, Carrot, Basketball, IPod, Mirror, Nail, Jet Engine (although reluctantly) in his team, with Lighter being forced to join them, much to his dismay. He named his team "the Golden Grenades," to which Lighter insulted both him and the team name. He teamed up with Plank during the challenge and came up with the idea that everyone split up into groups. Near the end of the episode, his team needs one more card to win, but Bullet reaches Remote faster than him, and he is greatly shocked at his loss.


  • He is the tallest character on the show.