Lighter is a male contestant and is considered the main antagonist of Object Havoc.


Lighter is cruel and sadistic. He is considered bossy, bossing Lamp around all the time and uses violence as a threatening message to the other contestants if they ever disobey him. He is shown to be lazy.


Platform Pandemonium

Lighter was first mentioned by IPod in Platform Pandemonium when he was telling Basketball something really funny. He talked about how funny it would be if Lighter tripped into a puddle of mud. Basketball thought it was funny because Lighter was a jerk to everyone. That is when Lighter makes his first physical appearance. Lighter walks up to IPod and Basketball, asking if the two were talking about him. IPod tells him no, and Lighter just walks away. He stumbles upon Jet Engine, and him being the laziest person who will not walk around Jet Engine tells him to move out of the way, calling him a fat oaf in the process.

In the challenge, Carrot was talking to Lighter, and of course he kicks her off. He also kicked off Gold. Lighter was then stopped by Nail, who punches Lighter away.

Binders Keepers

Lighter was almost chosen onto Binder's team (Diamond Daggers), but when the contestants on Binder's team want Plate on their team instead, he was forced to be on Stick's team (Golden Grenades). Lighter went off on his own during the challenge, only to do little effort by searching under a rock and then stop searching and take a break.



  • Lighter is very unoriginal, bearing a lot of similarities to a character also named Lighter from Object Overload. The only difference is that the Lighter from Object Overload is a zippo lighter and the Lighter from Object Havoc is a BiC lighter.
  • Both by the viewers and by the characters of Object Havoc, Lighter is the most hated character on the show.
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