Jet Engine, labeled The Big Piece, is a male contestant on Object Havoc.


Even though he is the biggest character on the show, Jet Engine is shy and prefers to rather stay silent. Similar to Lamp, his anxiety is mainly shown when he is with Lighter. However, he can sometimes be useful, because he can fly by putting his booster on the ground and then powering it on.


Platform Pandemonium

Jet Engine had little screen time in this episode. He was first seen when Lighter walked up to him. Because Lighter couldn't walk around Jet Engine, he tells him to move while also calling him a fat oaf.

In the challenge, Jet Engine didn't have much of a role. When the platform was tilted, he held on with his one foot. However, he eventually couldn't hold on much longer, and ends up letting go, causing him to hit Binder, Bucket, and Stick. While Jet Engine fell into the water with Bucket, Binder and Stick landed on top of him. Jet Engine tied for 3rd place with Bucket.

Binders Keepers

Jet Engine, unlike the previous episode, had plenty of screen time. He was the second to last person to be picked onto Stick's team, the Golden Grenades, and was paired with Nail and Carrot during the challenge. In a single scene featuring the trio, Carrot spotted a card in a tree, and after Nail pointed out that the tree is out of reach, Jet Engine gets the idea of flying to the tree, then grabbing a branch to pull it down, which worked. While Carrot was getting the card, a bee stings Jet Engine's leg (albeit the fact that he didn't bother the bee in the first place), causing him to let go, but also cause Carrot to fling off into an engine of a plane. His team lost and were up for elimination.


  • Jet Engine appeared as a cameo in one of Atesh's TROC2 video entries.
    • The other characters to appear in a TROC2 entry were Binder, IPod, Stick, and Gold.