Hammer is a male contestant on Object Havoc.


Hammer is shown as a kind-heated contestant. As mentioned in episode 2, he is apparently athletic and strong, but very unintelligent. Due to his low I.Q., he is somewhat clumsy (tripping over a daisy once). He also has aquaphobia (the fear of water), as he doesn't like getting wet.


Platform Pandemonium

Hammer first appears in between Gold and Nail. Lamp then bumps into him, causing him to tip over unintentionally hit Nail on the head, causing her to get stuck in the ground.He then comes up to Lamp, telling him to watch where he was flying. Lamp then apologizes, and then Hammer notices Nail stuck in the ground, and apologizes to her.

During the challenge, he gets pushed off the platform by Nail after a rejected alliance attempt, presumably as revenge for what he did to her earlier (though it was by accident), but he luckily manages to hold onto the edge, although he has trouble staying up. When Remote tilts the platform over, he tries to pull himself up, with Bullet and Lamp holding on to him for dear life, but IPod crashes into them and they fall into the lake, causing the four to lose the challenge.

Binders Keepers

Hammer was mentioned in a conversation between Stick and Lamp. Stick thought Hammer would be a great candidate to be on his team since he was athletic, but isn't very bright. He was chosen onto Binder's team (the Diamond Daggers), though while he was saying Binder won't regret the decision, he trips over a daisy mid-sentence.

During the challenge, he was grouped with Gold and Bullet. The trio had many difficulties (first running away from a duck that shot lasers out of it's eyes, and then losing Bullet), but Bullet won for his team at the end, so Hammer alongside the other Daggers were safe from elimination.


  • As mentioned in Binders Keepers, Hammer doesn't like it when he gets wet, suggesting that he has aquaphobia, the fear of water.
  • There is another Hammer in Challenge to Win, but both are different.
  • In Binders Keepers, Hammer is 87% in strength, but only 11% in I.Q.