Carrot is a female contestant on Object Havoc.


Carrot's body is orange, with her top ending in a dome shape and her bottom ending in a point. on top of her are orange leaves. She also has orange translucent blood, which is carrot juice.


Aleut her fragile body which makes her very prone to death, Carrot is considered to be the nicest character and is willing to help anyone. She seems to be best friends with Nail, as she high-fived her when she was paired up with her and Jet Engine in "Binders Keepers."


Platform Pandemonium

Carrot is first seen when Nail asks her to free her since she was stuck in the ground when Hammer accidentally ht her. She obliges and pulls Nail out of the ground, but when she was freed, she went flying.

During the challenge, she greets Lighter, only to get knocked off by him. She was the first t lose the challenge. Later, she dodges two shards of Plate when he got shattered by a spike rock, but gets killed by the other three shards.

Binders Keepers

Carrot was chosen onto Stick's team, the Golden Grenades. She was paired up with Nail and Jet Engine during the challenge, She spots a card in a tree and, with the help of Jet Engine, manages to get it. However, Jet Engine gets stung by a bee, casting him to let go and unintentionally fling Carrot into the air. She gets killed by an engine o a plane.

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