Bullet is a male contestant on Object Havoc.


Bullet is questionably considered the one who started the rivalry with Stick and is a determined and competitive player.


Platform Pandemonium

Bullet first appears mocking Stick and says that he wishes he was mute and they start fighting. When Mirror comes in, asking why they are fighting, they both call each other annoying. Bullet lost the challenge later in the episode, when IPod bumped into him, Hammer, and Lamp.

Binders Keepers

Bullet is chosen onto Binder's team (Diamond Daggers), and Stick, picking Bullet up, asks if Binder wants "that moron" on his team, causing Bullet to angrily slap him. During the challenge,he is paired with Hammer and Gold. While running away from a duck that shoots lasers from it's eyes, Bullet ends up in a cave, where he found five cards for his team. He suddenly sees a glowing light, which is actually coming from a keypad-protected safe which it's contents are yet to be revealed.

On the way to get the cards to Remote, Stick jumps in front of Bullet with the last card of his team. After a short race to Remote, Bullet won for his team, much to Stick's dismay.