Binder is a male contestant on Object Havoc.


Binder's biggest strength is his intellect, but Plate calls him a nerd and bullies him because of this. He is also a generally nice person. Despite his leadership status, he is a follower, as he follows his teammate's plans.


Platform Pandemonium

Binder was first seen telling Wheel that it's not Nail's fault that he was hit by her, but rather due to the rate and acceleration that Nail was flying at, and the position she was facing. He suddenly gets mud splattered on his face by Plate, who thinks if it's accelerated enough for Binder, also calling him a nerd. During the challenge, he tells Wheel that he and himself should try to protect each other to make it to the end, but Wheel refuses. Plate comes and tells that nobody likes Binder, but Binder thinks that's illogical, accidentally knocking Wheel off. Binder then reminds Plate that he was friends with Wheel for as long as he could remember and thinks Plate is trying to be "irritating", then Plate tries to punch Binder off, but then slips off from a banana peel and shatters into many pieces, killing Carrot in the process. When the platform was tilted over, he used a toilet plunger to save himself, then Bucket hangs onto him, leaving Volleyball behind. Stick then holds on to Binder's leg, but a few seconds later, Jet Engine rolls into him, Bucket, and Stick, Bucket falls in while Binder and Stick land on Jet Engine, making them win the challenge and become the team captains.

Binders Keepers

Binder ends up being the first to pick teams because he was before Stick in alphabetical order, much to Stick's annoyance. He ends up choosing Wheel (because they're "best friends"), Lamp, Hammer, Bucket, Volleyball (albeit reluctantly) Bullet, Gold, and he almost chooses Lighter, but his teammates choose Plate instead, much to his dismay. When choosing the team names, Binder names his team "the Diamond Daggers." He pairs up with Wheel and Lamp during the challenge and ends up in a dark forest. Wheel runs into a tree and "finds" a card for the Daggers, but he is sprayed by a skunk seconds later and is forced to stay 5 feet away from him and Lamp. His team wins and he is safe from elimination.


  • I
    Binder in TSFTM

    As he appears in The Strive for the Million.

    n episode 5 of The Strive for the Million, Binder appears as a recommended character, ranking 24th in the top recommended characters for the episode.
  • His voice sounds similar to Tennis Ball from the Battle for Dream Island series.
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